Life isn't long enough for love and art.
~ W. Somerset Maugham

Michelangelo bath

Period: 1920's

Building: Cottage

Site: Cheery suburban neighborhood on the South Shore of Boston (Braintree)

Project: Bathroom renovation design

Green Design features: CFL lighting, ventfan timer, low-VOC paint, low-flow body sprays, formaldehyde-free insulation, architectural salvage door and knob, reused radiant heating, interior wall and ceiling insulation.

Color palette: Grey, bright white, sky blue

Materials palette: Polished and honed marble, polished nickel, enamel on cast iron, Kohler and Rohl products

Client: A young teacher and engineer, with their new baby

For a family who wanted a special room in which to prepare for each day and craved richly veined marble, we did this luxurious vintage cottage-styled room while keeping to a modest budget. We found less-costly substitutes for some high end products the client had seen on Newbury Street: in one case going from stone tile at $200 a square feet to a more manageable $50/square foot. All other tiles were under $20psf. High quality and style fixtures were ferreted out at a similar price drop.

An original request to turn the bathtub/shower combo into a walk in shower was supplanted by working with the clients to determine and solve the true underlying goals: an open feel, attractive space, and ability for two-person showering. We were able to keep the bathtub feature with a beautiful new architecturally-styled cast iron deep soaking tub by Kohler. This turned out to be very handy when a new baby joined the family shortly after the bathroom renovation was complete!

Our favorite was when a friend said it's like we have a Michelangelo.
~ Janine & Zack, Braintree

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