Four main ways

Total Design & Project Management Package

Full Interior Design from the broadest to the finest details; buildable, biddable Construction Drawings or full Space Plan; 3-D Renderings & complete Presentations; full Specifications where appropriate; Total Project Management throughout the project.

Hourly services

$125/hr; 4 hour minimum; 1 hour increments.

– Construction Drawings or Space Planning package: varies by project

– Aesthetic Overview package: varies by project

Problem-solving consultation

$250-500. A one-time, approximately 90-minute, in-person session, plus 1,  1/2 hour phone session.

Kitchen Express Packages

Affordable flat-fee kitchen design packages. Contact us for details.

Concierge Service

We are prepared to handle the many necessary tasks which come up unexpectedly or don't fall under the general contractor's purview. From setting up a temporary kitchen, to dealing with city processes, to arranging for emergency pest removal, we'll keep your project on track - and your peace of mind intact.

Project management services

Assisting in contractor selection; vetting contracts and change orders

Negotiating with Inspectional Services or navigating other government departments

Checking in on site during construction; remaining for substantial durations during critical installations

Being available to answer questions or troubleshoot solutions

Coordinating work among, or providing services of, specialty design professionals such as structural engineers, architects (as for additions/condo conversions), specialty sub-designers

Providing for supplemental services that become needed during a renovation such as insect or animal control, mold or asbestos abatement, landscape maintenance, etc.