Influences — the art of the home

art consultation sample by interior designer / art consultant Brenda Be, from a Salem living room interior design projectInterior designer Brenda Be's work is influenced as much by art as by architecture. She often distills art directly into interior design: color inspired by Rothko, lighting à la Flavin, pattern via LeWitt.

She explores world culture, particularly Asian & Indian styles. She embraces nature - featuring pure, sustainable, and recycled interior design ingredients. And always, she celebrates dichotomy: east/west, old/new, rough/smooth, warm/cool.


Brenda creates spaces that function beautifully, and also thrill the senses: showcasing line, form, color, texture – sometimes even sound & scent. While she works within many architecture styles, hallmarks of her personal style are clean lines, strong shapes, and a unique sensitivity to geometry. Her projects are as individual as her clients, yet all share a defining air: space as true synthesis, as vital and whole as any sculpture or installation.

Where form embraces function

We believe in design where form embraces function. We see no need for conflict between a space which functions effectively, and which is truly beautiful. Where there's a question of balance between form & function, we make sure you have all the information needed to make the best decision for you. We've helped clients achieve functionality that, because of space limitations, they never dreamed possible, and even functionality they didn't know they wanted - until they got it!